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Video: Das neue Devinci – The Story of a Bike Named Chainsaw

Als Tribute an die verstorbene Downhill Legende Stevie Smith präsentiert Devinci das neue Chainsaw. Chainsaw  ist ein Werkzeug, das den Weg für mehr Spaß im Wald frei macht. Auf dem Trail sieht es aus wie eine kräftige, kanadische Schreddermaschine. Im Herzen ist es ein Beitrag zur Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation und der Gemeinschaft, die sie umgibt.

Like a Chainsaw clearing a corridor, Steve Smith led the way. With a smile on his face, he took Canadian downhill straight to the top. He proved that hard work pays off, and that winning is way better when you’re having fun. We made the Chainsaw to let more riders discover a passion for riding with no rev limiter. The Chainsaw is a tool that clears the way for more fun in the woods. On the trail it looks like a burly, Canadian made long travel shredding machine. At heart, it’s a contribution to the Stevie Smith Legacy Foundation and the community that surrounds it. And in spirit, it’s a rip-roaring good time that will dare you to dream big. This is the story of a bike named Chainsaw. All the details about the all-new Chainsaw : https://www.devinci.com/en/stories/pr…

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