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VIDEO: Freeride Perfektion mit Caleb Holonko

Mittlerweile ist es echt schwer mit einem Edit heraus zu stechen. Caleb Holonko schafft das aber mit seinem stylischen Fahrstil und den extrem Features in seinem neuen Edit „in th know“. Das müsst ihr gesehen haben. 

To create something is to know it. For Caleb things are simple: No Dig, No Ride. Caleb grew up in North Vancouver on Mt. Fromme, one of three mountains that make up „The Shore“, the birthplace of modern freeride. When he wasn’t playing hockey, he would dedicate every spare minute of sunlight and some of the darkness to building and riding the trails. Calebs knowledge he gained through the years now serve as a platform for him to push himself and the trails around him.

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