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NEWS: Das ist das Transition Factory Racing World Cup Downhill Race and Development Program

Neue Saison, neues Team. Transition baut sein World Cup Team aus. Neben dem 18 jährigen Racer Tristan Lemire gibt es einiges an weiblicher Unterstützung für das amerikanische Brand. Matilda Melton, Aletha Ostgaard, Valentina Roa und Taylor Ostgaard werden in der kommenden Saison auf den anspruchsvollsten Strecken der Welt an den Start gehen. 

Transition Pressemitteilung: We are beyond stoked to announce the Transition Factory Racing UCI DHI team. Transition Bikes, SRAM / Rockshox, One Up Components, ION, SMITH, Crankbrothers, Maxxis, Mutt Society, Mountain Creek Bike Park, SDG, Unior Tools, and Cushcore have teamed up to create the perfect collection of riders, partners, and equipment to tackle the pinnacle of downhill racing.

Tristan Lemire. Transition Factory Racings first year elite male comes from prime DH heritage. Having raced the last few seasons amongst some of the world’s most elite racers, Tristan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the program. He is looking forward to having the runway for his own racing career path and develop his and his teammates skills as the program grows together.

Valentina Roa. The tiny powerhouse. Previous Columbian champion, and multiple time Jr UCI DHI podium visitor. Entering her 2nd year Jr as a podium and overall candidate. We are elated to see what she can accomplish with full support, and carry on her success into her second year of Jr and beyond.

Taylor Ostgaard. Coming off a Pro Women’s overall title at the ultra competitive NWCup DH series, Taylor is ready to take the next step in her racing career. Entering her first year in the Jr Women’s category, she’ll be working alongside Valentina and Tristan to contest her first year on the world stage.

Matilda Melton. A young Bellingham local and accomplished athlete. ‘Tilly’ has been racing bikes almost since she could walk. Born and raised in Bellingham and a lifelong friend of Transition, it was without question she would have a spot on the program. Having been mentored by some of racings best, she and Aletha will tackle the North American circuit to prepare for her first year in Jr Womens in 2024.

Aletha Ostgaard. The younger of the two Ostgaard sisters, Aletha has proven herself with impressive results. Having her sights set on her first year in Jr Womens UCI DHI in 2025, she’ll be using the next few years in preparation for her first World Cup downhill season. Alongside Matilda in 2023, she will continue to make waves in the North American racing circuit.

Jorge Gomes. A Northeastern racing team manager and staple on the US circuit as owner of ProBuilds Racing. Jorge is as passionate as it gets, always ready to help a racer in need, and as determined as they come. Jorge fulfilled mechanic and management roles for Valentina in 2022, and is looking forward to taking the team to bigger things in the future.

Rachel Baxter. The logistics specialist. Rachel is the yang to Jorge’s ying. Mirroring Jorges passion, Rachel keeps things on track, organized and operating smoothly. While Jorge is out wrangling the riders, Rachel keeps the team pits calm, cool and collected. She is critical to the daily team operations.

This program has been in the works for over a year and a half. The concept really started to take shape as Valentina progressed through her 2022 season when she, Jorge, and Rachel attacked her first year in the Jr category as a small but effective program. After achieving national Columbian elite DH and Enduro titles, a 5th in Snowshoe, a 4th at Mont Sainte Anne, and a 3rd at World Championships, we knew it was time to take things to the next level. The Transition Factory Racing team is a development and elite level platform for racers to grow and flourish in a fun encouraging environment.

In parallel, Transition has had 3 immensely talented younger riders in our local periphery. Taylor, Matilda, and Aletha have had aspirations of racing World Cup DH for years. Having honed their craft for the past few seasons successfully growing up racing North American DH and Enduro seasons, the thought of including them in the journey only stoked the fire.

Last but certainly not least, Tristan came into our world at the perfect time. Having spent the past few seasons learning from one of the most elite teams on the circuit, and showing signs of tremendous talent and leadership, we knew he was the perfect choice to step into a leadership elite rider position.

Transition has a heritage of developing young riders and talent, and Transition Factory Racing is the next step in the evolution of this ethos. The main goal of the program is to provide a pathway for young aspiring athletes to achieve their dreams, and to not lose sight of why we all ride mountain bikes in the first place; because it is a lot of fun!

We hope you will join us on this journey, it’s going to be an incredible ride.

A massive thanks to all of our amazing partners – Transition Bikes, SRAM / Rockshox, One Up Components, ION, SMITH, Crankbrothers, Maxxis, Mutt Society, Mountain Creek Bike Park, SDG, Unior Tools and Cushcore. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Mehr Infos gibts unter: www.transitionbikes.com

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