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NEWS: Tahnee Seagrave startet nicht in Fort William

Die britische World Cup Fahrerin hat auf ihrem Instagram Account verkündet, dass sie aufgrund eines schweren Sturzes vor wenigen Wochen unter den Nachwirkungen einer Hirnerschütterung leidet. Eine der Nebenwirkungen sind starke Angst zustände mir denen Seagrave zu kämpfen hat. Wir wünsche ihr eine gute Besserung!

It’s been a while since I logged on here… I won’t be racing the World Cup this weekend 😔 After having Covid I had a huge crash 3 weeks ago and suffered a concussion and I won’t be taking any risks when it comes to the 🧠

I feel it’s important to share that my main symptom wasn’t one I was aware of until now. I developed severe anxiety and I couldn’t help but notice this has been simmering for a while and the concussion was what made it boil over.

There is so so so much I would like to say about this topic and what I have been through in the past few months because it’s such a taboo subject, but I can’t find the words just yet so that will have to be another day…

Giving myself the space to heal right now and hopefully will be back sooner rather than later. Much love for now. X 🧠💞 – Tahnee Seagrave

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