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Video: Andrew Neethling – 7 Bikes in 7 Miles

Andrew Neethling

Wie es wohl wäre 7 Fahrräder in 7 Meilen zu fahren, zeigt uns der ehemalige World Cup Fahrer Andrew Neethling in seinem neuesten Video. Der Süd Afrikaner nimmt uns in diesem Edit mit auf die Trails und Straßen rund um seinen Heimatort und lässt dabei fast kein Fahrrad des Scott Mountainbike Sortiments aus.

A while back, we worked with Brendan Fairclough to create an edit based on the idea of riding several bikes close to home given travel restrictions. Well, Brendan and Andrew Neethling are long-time friends. And as competitive MTB racers, Andrew saw the edit and was like, “that was ok, I can probably do better.” So, we told Andrew to put his money where his mouth was. The result? The Andrew Neethling Masterclass, seven bikes within a seven-mile radius from home. – Scott

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