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VIDEO: Brendan Howey in „HWY 30“ – by Rupert Walker, Clay Porter and Calvin Huth.

Brendan Howey ist seit über 15 Jahren in der Mountainbike Szene unterwegs und gehört zu den stylischsten Athleten des Sports. Zusammen Rupert Walker, Clay Porter und Calvin Huth entstand eins der visuell schönsten Videos der letzten Zeit.

Brendan Howey x COMMENCAL is a story that continues to be written for nearly 15 years now. The Canadian rider is completely at home behind the handlebars of his FRS on the trails of British Columbia. In celebration of his 30th birthday, he treated himself to some freeride lines and a fast and flowy trail, shaped by the man himself. Thankfully, it was all caught on the cameras of Rupert Walker, Clay Porter and Calvin Huth.

“ For me this project was like a bucket list project. I feel super lucky to have worked on another video with Rupert, and then to get Calvin and Clay on it as well was the icing on the cake. I can’t thank them enough for working on this little (big) project. The name HWY 30 came from naming the piece of trail I built by hand for the coast segment of the video. I always wanted to build a section of trail after so many one off features over the years. It’s wide like a highway and I was 30 years old when I built it ha ha. H(o)W(e)Y 30 “ – Brendan Howey

“I’ve always admired Howey’s natural talent and style on a bike. We’ve been friends for many years and worked on several projects together so it’s a familiar process for us to create a project like this. We were fortunate to have Calvin Huth and Clay Porter help us shoot this. Two amazingly talented and genuine humans! Thanks to Commencal and Sun Peaks Bike Park for supporting us.“ – Rupert Walker

“Rupert Walker is one of my best friends and pretty much my favorite filmmaker to work with. His work inspires me to the core. Rupert could have hit me up to work on a dog food commercial and I’d be stoked so when he hit me up to shoot on an upcoming Brendan Howey project I was crazy hyped. It was a win win win. Layers and layers of creative experience stacking on top of each other always equates to a special project and this one was no different. When Rup mentioned that he and Calvin were working on some cable cams for the edit as well, my excitement went off like when Montell Jordan’s “This is HOWEY do it” starts spinnin’ on a Friday night block party. Projects like this one fulfill me with a creative energy that I have yet to find a way to replicate in any other aspect of my life. Thanks Rup. Thanks Cal. Thanks Howey.“ – Clay Porter

“There’s always something special about working/filming with a rider on a trail they built at home. Then when the rider you’re filming with is Howey, and I get to film with Rup… this recipe for fun/exciting clips was a rather easy recipe to follow! It was a blast. Except for some reason the cedar trees were dropping pollen like crazy. Our gear and trucks were completely covered in cedar pollen each day. Felt like it was snowing.“ – Calvin Huth

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