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VIDEO: Magnus Manson – Nachdem er seinen Krebs bekämpft hat, ist er wieder zurück.

Der kanadische Racer Magnus Manson hat die letzten zwei Jahre mit seiner Krebs Diagnose zu kämpfen gehabt. Nun ist er zurück und mindestens so schnell und stylisch wie er vor seiner Diagnose. Seine Story ist unglaublich inspirierend. Wenn ihr mehr von dem jungen Shredder sehen wollt, checkt mal seinen Instagram Account ab: www.instagram.com/magnusmanson

The word ‘Bloom’ can describe a lot. It’s typically reserved for plants and flowers that grow and flourish–against all odds–after they’ve endured the harshness of winter. The term can also be applied to individuals. Individuals that grow and thrive when faced with adversity. For Magnus, that adversity was a cancer diagnosis. Magnus was recently given a clean bill of health and declared cancer-free. Throughout his battle with cancer, he showed immense strength, courage, and determination–and not once did he back down. A positive attitude, unwavering determination, and the mantra “Never F*cking Give Up” empowered Magnus during his treatment. These three affirmations now drive his recovery. After coming face-to-face with one of life’s hardest challenges, Magnus is back stronger and more resilient than ever. Now, Magnus is rooted and poised to bloom into the best version of himself. Bloom is the latest chapter in the Magnus Manson story. There’s more to tell, and he’s just getting started.

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