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Must Watch: HANDBUILT, CHAPTER II: “THE STORY” Featuring Tyler McCaul

Tyler McCaul lässt den Freeride Spirit im neuen Marzocchi Video aufleben. Zusammen mit dem Mountainbike-Edit-Genie Calvin Huth und dem Fotografen Peter Jamison war der Amerikaner in den Klippen Utahs unterwegs – Next Level Mountainbike Action in wunderschönen Aufnahmen!

“This project represents being able to put all that behind me and get back to what I really love doing. It was a challenge with weather, nagging injuries, head games, and tough builds, but the process was fun and something that I had really missed.” Watch Marzocchi athlete Tyler McCaul tackle the UTAH desert in the second chapter of the Handbuilt series – Simple and iconic lines that redefine what riding is all about.

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