Riding Culture verstärkt sich im Ausland – von der Schweiz nach Europa

Riding Culture aims to grow internationally and expand its product range with the support of its star-studded athletes roster including Lucas Huppert, Gabriel Wibmer and Nikita Ducarroz. The young brand is a subsidiary of “THE ROKKER COMPANY” and specializes in abrasion-resistant trousers for cycling, covering disciplines from BMX to mountain biking, as well as skating.  The e-commerce website is now also available in French and Italian, in addition to the English and German versions.

Riding Culture shows its international ambitions: The young brand, a subsidiary of THE ROKKER COMPANY, known among motorcyclists and Route 66 lovers for over 15 years, offers extremely durable pants for two-wheelers, as well as for skateboarders. Riding Culture targets a younger clientele between 16 and 30 years old. „We focused on the word ride because in English it refers to movement and action. It’s the same word for surfing as it is for riding a bike. There is no real equivalent in German,“ comments co-founder Kai Glatt, himself a passionate snowboarder and downhill mountain biker. The brand quickly found its raison d’être: Think less, ride more.

The focus of Riding Culture are riding pants featuring an unparalleled robustness. The Riding Pants are made of a special fabric (denim combined with high-strength polyiamide fibers) and produced sustainably. This makes them almost indestructible and uncompromising in terms of comfort, breathability and weight.  The collection, which also includes hoodies, T-Shirts, and accessories, consists of three main product lines (skateboard, bike and motorcycle).  From this summer, the range is complemented by the Sender collection which features functional pants and jerseys for downhill mountain bikers.

The next step is to expand the offer for women, especially around tops. Riding Culture is able to utilize the recent reinforcement of the ambassador team, Olympic Bronze medalist Nikita Ducarroz. The BMX Olympian is the first female athlete to join the team. „Like any of our athletes, she will help us with product development and real-world testing. As a BMX specialist, she will give us many tips for the development of our pants, which are often unisex and will remain so. For the young generation, unisex is a real trend,“ says Kai Glatt.  The Swiss brand will soon offer more signature models. The Huppi Pro, a jean with urban flair and extreme durability, developed with the help of mountain bike slopetsyle rider Lucas Huppert, is already a real hit.

Currently, Riding Culture is working on growing the brand awareness on an international level. The website, which was previously only available in English and German, has just been expanded to include French and Italian. Other languages will follow including Spanish. The focus is currently on the German, Austrian, Swiss, French, Italian and Benelux markets. In total, Riding Culture is currently distributed through a network of 250 dealers.


For more information on Riding Culture, visit www.ridingculture.com or on social media at




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