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VIDEO: Steve Vanderhoek – Risk Is Reward

Freerider Steve Vanderhoek riskiert sein Leben nicht nur in seinem Beruf, sondern auch nach Feierabend auf dem Mountainbike. Der Vancouver Local funktioniert am besten unter Druck und geht in “ Risk Is Reward“ ans Limit. Ein Must Watch!

Risk versus reward—the idea that an endeavor with greater uncertainty garners greater payoff—is a principle used in fields as diverse as economics, athletics and even relationships. For Vancouver resident Steve Vanderhoek, the saying reflects nearly every aspect of his life. As a firefighter and professional mountain bike freerider, saving a life at work before risking his own on a boundary-pushing stunt often occurs within the same day. Vanderhoek thrives under pressure, and in doing so is redefining what it means to truly live on the edge.

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