Must Watch: Anton Thelander – Die Schöne und die hässlische Seite des Lebens

Auch wenn es in den sozialen Medien oft so wirkt, ist das Leben eines Profi-Athleten auch nicht nur ein Sahneschlecken. Anton Thelander erzählt in seinem neuen Video über seine Hochs und Tiefs. Das ganze wird stimmungsvoll in Szene gesetzt und mit wunderschönen Aufnahmen kombiniert.

Everyone, regardless of skill level or career experiences pressure in their lives and Anton Thelander was by no means exempt to this. As his life became about pursuing podiums, pressure took a sport he previously loved and turned it into something which brought him no happiness. His success began to come at the cost of his own personal wellbeing. Anton’s new mindfulness edit reflects on a journey that initially led him away from the sport and celebrates his return and rediscovery of all the things that are awesome within MTB. ‘Mindfulness’ acts as a homage to the moments that really matter and as a reminder to always focus on what makes you happy.


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