VIDEO: Propain Factory Racing – Schladming & Leogang Action

Das Propain Factory Team nimmt uns mit in die neue Saison. In der ersten Episode gehts zum „Not A Race“ Event in Schladming und zum World Cup in Leogang. Good Vibes und viel Bike Action garantiert.

Join the journey with Propain Factory Racing in the first episode of their 2021 video series.



At the beginning of June the team headed up to Schladming for the last testing of the new Propain Downhill Bike. One week of riding the legendary downhill track brought us some excitement before heading up to Leogang for the First World Cup in 2021.

World Cup Round 1 – Leogang. The weather has made conditions tricky this year as well, it was a lottery during qualifying runs due to the intermittent weather giving some guys a dryer track than others! All of our guys crashed in their runs, but only George made the cut to finals.

Big lesson for our first year junior rider Remy Meier-Smith and first year elite rider Luke Meier-Smith. We are sure the experience collected here will pay off in the future.

George finished 36th in Finals with a crash.

Looking forward for some good times at Crankworx and preparing for another round of World Cup racing in couple of weeks at Les Gets.

Schladming 2009 footage courtesy of Rob Parkin

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VIDEO: Remy Metailler High Speed Edit im Coast Gravity Park

Remy Metailler ist mal wieder im Coast Gravity Park unterwegs gewesen und spendiert seinen Fans ein kurzes aber brachiales Edit. Große Sprünge, Scrubs und Style garantiert!

Coast Gravity Park is one of my favourite Bike Park in the World!



VIDEO: Red Bull Rampage Iconic Moments for the History Books

Red Bull präsentiert zusammen mit einigen der besten Rampage Athleten die wichtigsten Momente des Events. Von Cam Zinks wahnsinnigen 360° Drop bis hin zu Kyle Straits ersten Sieg mit nur 17 Jahren ist einiges dabei.

The biggest problem when cherry picking best moments that happened on Red Bull Rampage over the past two decades… there’s just TOO MANY of them. Nevertheless there are some that redefined not only the event itself, but the sport of freeride mountain biking as a whole. Sit back, relax, enjoy the trip down the memory lane & let us know if we’ve missed any.



VIDEO: Fest Series 2021 Highlights mit 12 jährigem Shredder Raul

Die Fest Series in Malmedy gehört zu den Urgesteinen der Big-Air Freeride Events. Neben Nico Vink, Andreu Lacondeguy, Vinny T, Brage Vestavik und vielen weitere ging 2021 auch der 12-jährige Raul Schneeberger an den Start. 

Fest Sessions Malmedy We haven’t been the most fortunate with regards to the weather in 2021, After having a 4-day rain hold for Session Royal we had another 10-day rain hold for the Malmedy session. This year’s rider lineup was one of the heaviest we ever had in Malmedy and we were really looking forward to session the jumps with this crew. Andreu and Lluis Lacondeguy, Vinny T, Brage Vestavik, William Robert, Jaxson Riddle, Remy Morton, Szymon Godziek, Thomas Genon, Sergio Layos, Marcin Rot, Hannah Bergemann, CJ Selig, Kristoff Lenssens, Jeroen (Red Belge) Meersman, Nico Vink, Raul Schneeberger.



Riding big jumps requires perfect conditions for the jumps to work, so there‘s not much else to do but wait when the rain pours. Sometimes it gets super frustrating watching perfectly shaped jumps being rained on, but it’s part of the game. Luckily we built a new medium line in Bikepark Ferme Libert last year, and the crew got to enjoy riding the bike park. (We‘ll release a couple of raw videos from the park sessions the days following the highlight video).

After one week of riding the park and watching the big jumps being rained on, the weather forecast didn’t seem to improve so the crew split up, On Sunday most riders decided to return home due to other commitments. Nico, Remy, Hannah, Hanna, Marcin, Redbelge Raoul, Alois, Skye, and Oliver decided to drive 1000km south back to France to be able to ride the Royal hills line in perfectly dry conditions.

We planned two days of riding in Royal Hills before heading back to Malmedy, During those sessions in RH our minds got blown. Towed by Aloise Adamo, (one of the shapers of both lines) 12 years young Raul Schneeberger was working his way down the Royal Hills line. The fact that Raul was chipping away jump by jump wasn’t the most impressive but his approach, how calm, calculated, and mature he was riding the line impressed us the most. Raul made the jumps look easy with his effortless style. He cleared the line until the 24m left hip but was lacking some speed for the main set. That‘s when Nico offered to tow him in and Raul hit the main set at Royalhills after his 2nd or 3rd try following Nico. Raul didn’t get to ride the second last shark fin and the last jump at Royal Hills because we had a 5-day weather window coming up in Malmedy and on Wednesday we decided to head back to Belgium to finally hit the Malmedy line.

Returning to Belgium the conditions were looking good. We did some work on the jumps Thursday afternoon so they were good to go for an evening session. Unfortunately not all the riders managed to make it back to Malmedy due to other commitments but we ended up having a small but super solid crew. Andreu Lacondeguy, William Robert, Thomas Genon, Marcin Rot, Hannah Bergemann, CJ Selig, Jeroen (Red Belge) Meersman, Remy Morton, Nico Vink and Raul Schneeberger. After putting in a couple of weeks of hard work and watching the jumps being rained on for one week straight it felt beyond amazing to finally session the jumps with the crew. On Saturday evening, what was unthinkable 8 years ago happened. Raul had been up at the roll-in with us riding the warmup hip. He reached out to the crew and mentioned he was keen to hit the first set off the mainline. Nico offered to tow him in and after a couple of test runs, Raoul hit an 88-foot jump. This is one of the most special moments we ever witnessed at a fest event, The vibe was unreal. On Sunday’s session, Raoul was hitting the first set multiple times and started to eye up the 2nd and 3rd set of the line. The crazy thing was that Raoul was looking so calm and controlled on the jumps that it didn’t worry us that he was considering riding the second and third set of the line. Again Nico offered to tow Raoul in and after a couple of tries Raoul blew our minds again and he hit the biggest set of jumps of the world.

After all the waiting for the rain to pass, and things not working out, the 2021 edition of the Malmedy session turned out to be one of the best editions ever. Some next-level riding went down this year, Andreu Lacondeguy was throwing down, as usual, Thomas Genon absolutely killed it on his debut on the Malmedy jumps and William Robert stepped up the game by spinning one of the biggest jumps ever spun. Hope you all enjoy the video. The

Fest Series.

NEWS: Brendan Fairclough sagt Teilnahme an Red Bull Rampage ab

Brendan Fairclough gehört zu den Stammgästen des größten Freeride Events der Szene. 2018 sorgte er mit seinem Canyon Gap Backflip für offene Münder und überzeugt in jedem Jahr mit noch verrückteren Lines. Nun muss sich der Brite Komplikationen seiner Verletzung im World Cup geschlagen geben und kann 2021 nicht an der Rampage teilnehmen.

Nachdem das Event im letzten Jahr aufgrund der Pandemie nicht stattfinden konnte, lag alle Hoffnung auf diesem Jahr. Vor wenigen Wochen stürzte Brendog jedoch beim World Cup in der Lenzerheide und zog sich einen 15cm langen Riss im Oberschenkelmuskel zu.

Nun gab Fairclough auf seinem Instagram Account bekannt, dass sich die Wunde infiziert hatte und er sich noch zwei weiteren Ops unterziehen musste bei denen zu einem das entzündete Gewebe entfernt wurde und eine Art Drainage gelegt wurde. Wir sind uns sicher, dass wir Brendog spätestens 2022 wieder auf den zerklüfteten Strecken in der Wüste Utahs sehen werden.



Red Bull Rampage findet am 15. Oktober statt und wieder auf der Red Bull Webseite zu sehen sein. Nachdem Fairclough nun abgesagt hat wird wahrscheinlich einer der folgenden Athleten nachrücken: Thomas Genon (BEL), Emil Johansson (SWE), Reed Boggs (USA), DJ Brandt (USA) oder Antoine Bizet (FRA).

Folgende Athleten stehen für die Rampage 2021 fest: Szymon Godziek (POL), Tyler McCaul  (USA), Ethan Nell (USA), Brett Rheeder (CAN), Brandon Semenuk (CAN), Carson Storch (USA), Kyle Strait  (USA), Vincent Tupin  (FRA), Tom Van Steenbergen (CAN) und die Wildcard Gewinner Andreu Lacondeguy (ES-CT), Jaxson Riddle (USA), Kurt Sorge (CAN), Brage Vestavik (NOR) und Rampage Legende Cam Zink (USA).

Brendan Fairlcough

VIDEO: Red Bull Sound Of Speed – Laurie Greenland

Man nehme einen der stylischsten World Cup Racer und baut ihm eine der flowigsten Jump Lines im Bike Park Wales und heraus kommt das neue „Sound Of Speed“ Video. Laurie Greenland zeigt in dem neuen Red Bull Video, dass er nicht nur schnell sondern auch extrem smooth auf dem Rad unterwegs ist. 

Laurie Greenland is a man who rarely shies away from a challenge, especially a MTB challenge. This year he teamed up with Duncan Ferris and the rest of the team from Bike Park Wales, where they’ve built an absolute 🔥 of a line named “Vanta”. Before the trail officially opened to the public (yes, you can hit these jumps IF you have the skill to do it), Laurie had his own time to test it… and that’s how the latest Sound of Speed episode was born.



Laurie’s trail is named „Vanta“ and is now open to ride at Bikepark Wales. The trail is graded „pro line“ and features mandatory features and large gap jumps so is suitable highly skilled and experienced riders only.

VIDEO: Joe Breedens Siegeslauf auf der berühmten Psychosis Strecke

Stellt euch vor ihr müsstet über 11 Minuten lang auf einer der steilsten Strecken Vollgas abwärts ballern und euch würde zwischendurch noch nicht mal der Uphill erspart bleiben. Die Psychosis Downhillstrecke ist nicht ohne Grund eine der berüchtigsten Strecken der Welt. Joe Breeden zeigt uns wie es geht und nimmt uns mit auf seinen Siegeslauf des Crankworx BC Rennen. 

Coming off the back of a bronze at the Crankworx downhill in Sun Peaks Joe was starting to find his flow and then add in a steep track like Psychosis which he feels at home on and you have a recipe for gold. Joe put down a winning time of 11:37.539 with over 7 seconds separating him from the rest of the field. The worst bit of it? The shoey at the end! The track has been known as one of the hardest in the world so huge congrats to Joe for now being part of the legends that won this race.