VIDEO: Matt Jones versucht seinen nächsten Worlds First – Design & Conquer EP4

Auf seiner Reise drei noch nie versuchte Tricks zu stehen, ist Slopestyler Matt Jones kurz vor seinem Ziel. In der neuen Episode von Design and Conquer macht er sich an den zweiten Trick und zeigt wie viel mentale Stärke, Kraft und Fehlschläge hinter seinem Versuch stecken.

MTB slopestyle star @Matt Jones is no stranger to world firsts. Follow him on his journey to land some never-before-seen tricks and watch him turn his dreams into reality.

The day Matt has been gearing up for has arrived. After months of training on Matt’s and months of digging on Kye’s behalf, it’s time to hit the dirt. The digging crew in Devon has delivered beyond expectations and provided Matt the playground he needs to land his visions. Matt has no time to lose and gets down to business, but the going proves to be tougher than expected. How many attempts are needed to land the gainer? And what about the hitching post combo? Watch the full episode to find out!

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VIDEO: Matt Jones – Design & Conquer Final Edit

Years of planning, months of fine-tuning, weeks of trying and a lifetime in the making. Envisioning & landing a World First MTB trick is not an easy process to say the least. No stranger to the latter, @Matt Jones rolled up his sleeves, gave his all & managed to sign under a couple of never-before-seen MTB Originals for the history books. Matt being Matt, merely landing the tricks wasn’t going to cut it for him – he wanted to connect them into something bigger – an all killer, no filler riding edit that speaks for itself. Well done Matt, mission accomplished!

VIDEO: The Art of MTB – Kreative Photographie mit Thomas Genom und JB Liautard

When the creative evolution of Thomas Genon’s riding merged with that of JB Liautard’s photography, art was inevitable. The style and artistry of Thomas and JB has created four sublime images which celebrate the beauty and badassery of bikes in a unique and mesmerizing way. They make us question the how and why, and pull us into their story.


VIDEO: Paul Couderc – My War II

Der Preis für das Schaffen neuer Tricks ist oft hoch. Paul Couderc zeigt in seinem neuen Edit wie er seinen World First schafft und wie schwer der Weg bis dahin war. 

Innovativ zu sein hat seinen Preis. Training, Kontrolle der eigenen Emotionen, Selbstaufopferung, Durchhaltevermögen, Schmerzen …

Es erfordert Mut. Paul hat mehr als genug davon.


VIDEO: Matt Jones – Behind the Scenes of his Worlds First

Slopestyler Matt Jones gehört zu den Besten der Welt und fährt auf sämtlichen Events unter den Top 10. Doch was es alles braucht um neue Tricks zu stehen und wie man sich an einen noch nie versuchten Stunt ran tastet, seht ihr in seinem neusten Vlog.

A lot of you will have already seen the Design & Conquer series that I spent last year producing with Red Bull, where I worked on worlds first tricks that have never been attempted on a mountain bike. And the feedback on the series has been rad. But this is a deeper insight into the story behind the trials and tribulations that went into the challenge of landing something like this on my dirt jump bike, on a purpose built course down in Devon. I’m stoked to have had the opportunity to try something like this and make it happen, but a lot of the process seemed impossible. So much went into the setup at my slopestyle compound, that’s where everything came together in time to send it on the real drop! Enjoy, sorry for the swear words!! Legends.

VIDEO: BMX Legende Kriss Kyle hilft Matt Jones bei Wolrd’s First Versuch

Red Bull begleitet Slopestyler Matt Jones bei dem Versuch drei World Firsts für sein neues Edit zu schaffen. In der zweiten Episode holt sich Matt Hilfe von BMX Legende Kriss Kyle und zusammen sind sie nicht nur im Skate Park unterwegs, sondern fahren auch die berühmten Innerleithen Trails in Schottland.

MTB slopestyle star @Matt Jones is no stranger to world firsts. Follow him on his journey to land three never-before-seen tricks and watch as the tricks go from his imagination to reality.

Taking on the quest of landing world first tricks requires a hefty dose of creativity. In episode two of Design & Conquer, Matt and Jono Jones travel north to Scotland to seek help from a rider who knows a thing or two about getting creative on two wheels. @Kriss Kyle is a BMX legend whose track record for pushing the limits of the sport is second to none. After a fun session in Unit 23 the boys decide to ignore the winter weather and shred the famous Innerleithen trails.

VIDEO: Pedro Burns gegen die Sonnenfinsternis

Redbull und Trek Factory Racing Enduro Athlet Pedro Burns fährt in Solar Eclipse gegen die Sonnenfinsternis. Das seltene Phänomen geschieht nur alle paar Jahrhunderte am gleichen Ort und deshalb waren die Vorbereitungen für das Edit so essentiell. 

It literally takes planets and stars to align for a total solar eclipse to happen. It’s a phenomena that can actually happen as often as two to four times per year, but with our moon casting a shadow “merely“ 40 kilometres in diameter it takes centuries for a total eclipse to repeat at the same place.

Long story short…when it happens over our heads, we should make the most out of it! And this is exactly what Pedro Burns had in mind for December 14th 2020 when a total solar eclipse had been scheduled over his home country of Chile. The Villarica volcano laid directly in the path of the moon’s shadow and hence provided a perfect playground for a riding experience second to none.