Video: NORCO Shore Park – Fly Sideways feat. William Robert

William Robert zeigt uns was für ihn Freeride bedeutet. In dem neusten Edit ist der Franzose auf dem 2021 NORCO Shore unterwegs. Wenn ihr mehr zu dem potenten Freeride Boliden lesen wollt, checkt doch mal unseren Artikel zum Shore aus. Den Artikel findet ihr hier:

When scheming his latest edit, French Freerider William Robert decided he wanted to showcase his thoughts on what modern freeride is all about, and sculpted the Bernex Bike Park to create the lines and shots he had in mind. Fly Sideways showcases a combination of perfect terrain, the genesis of the modern international freeride movement and a sneak peek into awesome potential of park days aboard the new Norco Shore Park.


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VIDEO: Matt Jones – Design & Conquer Final Edit

Years of planning, months of fine-tuning, weeks of trying and a lifetime in the making. Envisioning & landing a World First MTB trick is not an easy process to say the least. No stranger to the latter, @Matt Jones rolled up his sleeves, gave his all & managed to sign under a couple of never-before-seen MTB Originals for the history books. Matt being Matt, merely landing the tricks wasn’t going to cut it for him – he wanted to connect them into something bigger – an all killer, no filler riding edit that speaks for itself. Well done Matt, mission accomplished!

VIDEO: Kilian Bron – atemberaubende Aufnahmen in Kappadokien

Nach „Chasing Volcanoes”, „Our Tour de France“ und „Outdoor Synchrony”, begab sich Kilian Bron auf ein neues Abenteuer in die Türkei, ins Herz von Kappadokien! Zwei Wochen lang erkundete Kilian die einzigartige Landschaft der Region, auf der Suche nach der schmalsten Stelle, an der man die Steigeisen anlegen kann.

Ein Projekt, das in einer ganz besonderen Atmosphäre stattfindet und … vom Licht bestimmt wird. Ein Sonnenuntergang über den Schluchten, beleuchtete Heißluftballons und die dämmrige Atmosphäre des Nahen Ostens … taucht mit Kilian Bron, Pierre Henni, Pierre Dupont und JB Liautard in dieses farbenfrohe Abenteuer.

VIDEO: Yoann Barelli – Neues “Into The Gnar” Video mit Remy Metailler

Yooooooooooooo Everyone

Guess What, I’m back with some new episodes of “Into The Gnar” !!!!!

The goal this year is to have one episode dropping every month and to have a guest at every episode to make it more fun. Each episode will be Filmed by Alex Chapellier to make the whole series more professional and more enjoyable for you to watch.

For this episode we ride Hueso, double black diamond trail Squamish with some really cool features and have @Rémy Métailler with a surprise guest appearance hahaaaaaaaa !!!

Enjoy 🙂

VIDEO: The Art of MTB – Kreative Photographie mit Thomas Genom und JB Liautard

When the creative evolution of Thomas Genon’s riding merged with that of JB Liautard’s photography, art was inevitable. The style and artistry of Thomas and JB has created four sublime images which celebrate the beauty and badassery of bikes in a unique and mesmerizing way. They make us question the how and why, and pull us into their story.


VIDEO: Danny Hart testet sein CUBE TWO15 HPC SLT

Take a follow cam run down Scogglio Rossi out here in Sanremo, Max Hartenstern, my team mate on the follow cam. We have done a few days on this track now, so today I just did a few runs a bit more chill than I have been because it gets dodgy doing runs faster and faster every time!

VIDEO: Dylan Korba / Chromag – RAW Hardtail Action In British Columbia

In dem neuen Edit der Hardtail und Komponenten Genies von Chromag zeigt Dylan Korba was alles auf einem Hardtail möglich ist. Auf den steinigen und anspruchsvollen Trail um Pemberton, BC kombiniert er Trials, Freeride und Trail Riding und lässt das ganze dabei unverschämt leicht aussehen. Sound an und zuschauen.

Dylan Korba:

A key line feature in the North Rutherford Creek area transpired from our collective imagination and brought to fruition. Initially, I was inspired by a big boulder to use as an obstacle and when we scouted the area as a group, the guys gave me some input on how cool it would be to create a line down the ridge leading directly to the rock. This line ended up taking me most summer to build and I think was a bit of an emotional one for the whole team. We each had our struggles on that line. I had a really big crash – that thankfully only ended up in some bruising for a few weeks. Due to the length of the project and the dynamic requiring a multitude of takes to film a segment (not a single session) we faced challenges with lighting and seasonal weather changes. We faced smoke, rain, sun and snow all in about a 4 week window and I only had weekends to film! So that line was a major push, and I didn’t quite get what I wanted, but the big rock isn’t going anywhere. In the end this project provided space for my self exploration. I was really happy to prove to myself that I could still ride uniquely enough to be part of something. I am super thankful that Cookie and Chromag were on board to set this opportunity in motion!

Matt Bruhns:

Re-introducing Dylan Korba. Don’t call it a comeback (actually maybe do?) What happens when you befriend someone as an adult and discover a secret talent from their earlier life? Maybe not secret, but something they’ve moved on from as life marches on? Most of the time it’s fodder for reminiscing and jokes about the good old days long since past by. But not with Dylan. Dylan is different. I knew he had it in him, but I was still in awe watching him do it. Bravo bud!